RSS Services
Your needs are unique, and we'll work with you to develop a custom plan to achieve your goals through:
We forsee change.
Shifts in policy can happen fast. Federal agencies increasingly rely on guidance and interpretive letters, as well as their traditional rule-making authorities, to reshape the regulatory landscape.
To address an evolving policy environment, it's important to look ahead. To appreciate when an agency is foreshadowing imminent policy action in a letter of interpretation; recognize how agencies use preamble language to suggest future regulatory action; and, to read between the lines when agency officials make public remarks.
Our team stays on top of your issues monitoring both specific federal actions expected in the next sixth months, and the medium term policy trends that can reshape industry sectors and our clients’ businesses. We offer you the insight to understand federal policy and the foresight to influence changing regulatory currents.
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We dig in.
Federal policy development has grown increasingly technical, specialized, and evidence based, and effective regulatory advocacy requires an understanding of an unfamiliar and often complex language. Don't worry - we can translate for you.
When agencies issue proposed rules or guidance documents, we provide you with a clear overview of what new policies mean and analyze their potential significance.
Our technical experience gives us the ability to evaluate the Regulatory Impact Analyses (RIAs) that support federal policy decisions. And when agencies rely on faulty or uncertain data in a way that materially impacts our clients' businesses, we help you estimate the potential costs of new regulations and identify policy alternatives that improve outcomes.
When federal agencies rely on faulty or uncertain data in a way that materially impacts our clients' businesses, RSS Group can help estimate the potential costs and identify policy alternatives to improve outcomes for you.
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We guide.
What's your vision for the future? To effectively influence policy development, it's not enough to identify challenges that proposed rules may impose. It's equally important to develop and advocate for well-defined alternatives to conduct successful federal outreach.
When an agency proposes a new rule that can alter an industry overnight, we can help you develop a strategic response. First, we’ll conduct an analysis of the rule to understand the specific impacts the policy may have, and pressure test the agency’s models for potential deficiencies. Then we’ll work with you to develop a detailed policy response and benefit cost analysis.
The RSS Group brings thousands of hours of experience developing regulatory analyses and alternatives to assist you in building a successful federal advocacy campaign.
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We engage.
Our team recognizes that the policy world is deeply interconnected. We work across the executive and legislative branches and partner with associations, industry forums, and law firms to achieve results.
Our team has experience identifying and coordinating with advocacy groups with parallel interests to build successful coalitions. And we appreciate that a collective voice may achieve better outcomes than a chorus of different opinions.
We help our clients build and manage coalitions, and integrate with your in-house and external teams. RSS Group coordinates for our clients, connecting all the pieces to accomplish your policy goals.
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We execute.
The RSS Group provides you with a distinct approach to Executive Branch Advocacy. We have decades of experience working within the central hub of federal regulatory oversight, the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.
Through our relationships with the most senior levels of the administration including the Council of Economic Advisors, the National Economic Council, and the Domestic Policy Council, as well as the cabinet agencies, we know who to reach out to and how to make your case to key policy decision makers.
The RSS Group also appreciates that effective federal advocacy requires benefit cost analytics and a quantitative approach to support our clients' goals. We’ll engage you with our multidisciplinary network of experts including PhD economists, statisticians, and epidemiologists, to generate an evidence based foundation for your effective policy campaign.
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We're global.
International regulatory cooperation can be harnessed to reduce barriers to trade and improve market access. We have experience working with both governments and regulatory stakeholders around the world to promote regulatory reforms that reduce barriers to trade and investment.
We've provided guidance to the Organization for Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Regulatory Policy Committee, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Committees and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade capacity building initiatives. We have experience leading bilateral regulatory cooperation missions promoting good regulatory practices, standards harmonization, and the implementation of Executive Order 13609, Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation.
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