Policy Development

We guide.

What's your vision for the future? To effectively influence the policy making process, it's not enough to identify challenges that proposed rules may impose. It's crucially import to develop and articulate clear and well defined alternatives to conduct successful federal outreach. We help our clients in achieve their long-term goals.

When an agency proposes a new rule that can potentially alter an industry or business sector, merely objecting to any form of new regulation almost never yields desirable outcomes. Instead, we help our clients through our initial analysis of the rule; first, to understand the specific impacts a proposed change may have, and then, we collaborate with our clients to develop detailed policy solutions. We test these solutions through empirical modeling, developing the necessary benefit cost review to support our clients’ positions while pressure testing the agency’s models for potential deficiencies.

RSS Group brings thousands of hours of experience to developing regulatory alternatives to assist our clients in building successful federal advocacy campaigns.